Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First, yes first, of many to come

Hi everyone. I suppose I should start with a short introduction, and perhaps an unwieldy "shout-out" to my "peeps." Please note the quotation marks, indicating that I am indeed a white male from the suburbs.

I currently reside in the lovely little ville known as Denver, Colorado. A quaint town, to be sure. It was founded in 1858 by John Larimar near a little stream known as Cherry Creek, and slowly became a hub for folks of all kind. Mostly bicycle-riding ski-types who wear shorts, Mountain Hardware jackets, and beanies year-round.

My favorite part of "D-Town" (again, note quotations) is Commons Park and Platte St, where one may find such lovely little places such as REI, Paris on the Platte, and Disrespectacles. All fine purveyors of all things nifty.

I will do my very best to update this not only often, but with things that you, the discerning public, will actually find interesting.

"Peace out."


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