Tuesday, February 24, 2009

University of Denver

So, I have a problem with Google. And Wikipedia. Both of them.

I moved to my neighborhood the Summer of 2007. I think it's called the "University" neighborhood, but perhaps Evanston/DU, perhaps Platte Park South, perhaps University Hills West, etc. The list continues.

It's a great 'hood. It's directly south of Wash Park (It's 1.5 miles from my front door to the southern border of the park, E. Virginia Ave). It encompasses the University of Denver, and a few business districts, but really it's a bunch of 1940's and 50's houses. Which I like. Lots of renters, lots of DU kids (sweatpants and Uggs galore), but it has great charm and great personality.

So the question, again, is "What is the name of my belov'd hood?"

I think it's University.

Try looking up "Denver neighborhoods- University" on Wikipedia or even Google. Here's what I found:

"University is a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. It is home to the University of Denver, many university students, and other residents and businesses, including the first Chipotle Mexican Grill."

First Chipotle? That's our claim to fame?

It is good, but not THAT good. And TWO sentences? That's it, seriously?

And it's a rockin hood! There's some cool stuff- There's Harvard Park, which has a rec center with a pool. There's the SWAT team headquarters for the Denver PD, where they park their armored cars (DUDE I know), there's Kaladi Brother's Coffee, which is awesome. There's Denver Spoke Bicycles and Brothers' Board Shop, and a bunch of other cool stuff that very close but not technically in "The 'Hood," like Old South Pearl Street and Observatory Park, both an easy bikeride.

So I'll get pics up and stuff, but I am hoping that the more we University/Evanston/DU/Platte Park South residents establish this place as ours, the better chance we have of someone knowing where the hell we are talking about when we say where we live.

I'm tired of piggybacking off of Wash Park. THEY should say "oh, I live in the North Univeristy neighborhood."


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Single Speeds and the Dangers of Felines

I have noticed a strange and wonderful phenomenon here in Denver. It seems there exists a small collective of single speed bicycle riders around Cap Hill, all racing around with their pant legs rolled up and their facial hair a'scragglin'.

Being that I cannot grow facial hair, I feel i do not fit in with the gang. But it got me thinking- is this the new trend? Instead of the Hell's Angels, will our generation have the Hell's Peddlers? Instead of stabbing rowdy people at Dead concerts, will we simply stand silently at emo concerts and blog about it later?

I think yes.

Denver is a pretty good city to bicycle in. It's mostly flat in the central Denver area, only getting terribly hilly the further you get out of town. I guess Cap Hill counts as not being flat, but it's not that bad. You big babies.

Single speed bikes work well here. And most of the city is pretty good about not running you over if you stay to the shoulder far enough. The one exception is the Tech Center. The people there don't seem to like we cyclers. I've only had 3 confrontations though.

Plus, it's a nifty way to see the neighborhoods.

I should mention, however, that upon the 800 block of S. Pearl St. there lives a villainous creature so vile and disgusting that all should tread lightly. Some may call the creature a cat, but it is far more insidious then that name implies. It chases we poor 2-wheeled folk, meowing as blood drips down his fangs.

Seriously, the little a-hole chased me for a block.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First, yes first, of many to come

Hi everyone. I suppose I should start with a short introduction, and perhaps an unwieldy "shout-out" to my "peeps." Please note the quotation marks, indicating that I am indeed a white male from the suburbs.

I currently reside in the lovely little ville known as Denver, Colorado. A quaint town, to be sure. It was founded in 1858 by John Larimar near a little stream known as Cherry Creek, and slowly became a hub for folks of all kind. Mostly bicycle-riding ski-types who wear shorts, Mountain Hardware jackets, and beanies year-round.

My favorite part of "D-Town" (again, note quotations) is Commons Park and Platte St, where one may find such lovely little places such as REI, Paris on the Platte, and Disrespectacles. All fine purveyors of all things nifty.

I will do my very best to update this not only often, but with things that you, the discerning public, will actually find interesting.

"Peace out."