Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your Castle Bicycling, Anyone?

Charles Roberts has asked me, very nicely, to start a YCRE Bicycling club. Which sounds great to me, even though I'm on a college-special Diamondback mountainbike and will be SMOKED by you guys on street bikes.

I digress.

So I would love to start a bike club, but I need your guys help with routes. I'd like to do some sort of tiered setup, like babies, weekend warriors, and crazy dudes. Babies just circle Wash Park or something, Warriors could do the Cherry Creek trail from Colorado Blvd to Confluence Park, and Crazies could do stuff like ride through downtown after a Rockies game (Thanks to Josh for that idea).

Thoughts, my friends?

Thrive Social Media

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you guys know Chelsea and I have posted a few new things on our Thrive Social Media blog. I'm trying to make this blog about my stuff, and all the techie, social media stuff is moving over to that blog.

I hope you all check it out!

Here's the link: