Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Denver Highlands and Such

Just thought I'd slap up some pictures of our outing on Sunday.

Me (@drewshope) and Chelsea Willis (@weddinggal) in Confluence Park, Right by the REI.

Confluence Park, with the high rises on Little Raven Blvd in the background. That bridge on the left is 15th Street.

Confluence Park. REI is to the right.

I didn't know International Harvester had a place in Denver. I knew about the Willys Overland plant on Broadway, but not this. It seems Denver was kind of a hub for 4 wheel drive manufacturing. Hmm.

And a little further up the road, we headed to Highlands-

Sorry I'm such a nerd.

Right outside Urbanistic Tea and Bike (see previous post)

32nd and Lowell.

More from 32nd and Lowell.

And on the way back home we stopped by Buffalo Exchange on 13th Ave. and Grant St. I just thought the view of the Denver Art Museum was nifty...

Hope everyone enjoys some random pictures from around Denver.

Until next time.

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